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Updated:  06/26/2020

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The following information has been received from Cindy Adsit of the WIAA.  In addition to the NFHS and WIAA regulations, coaches need to follow each district's guidelines. These take precedence over the others. Please contact your AD for further clarification on your individual district.


  • When is stunting able to resume? 

    • Practice sessions in Phrase 3 in pods can be designed where only low-level stunts are used, to minimize (prevent if possible, although safety continues to be paramount) any touching/spotting.  The athletes will need to be reminded to not be doing any sort of tumbling/stunting where assistance might be needed.  

      • Note - The WSCCA defines low-level stunting as any stunt a group can perform safely without the need of extra spotters not involved in the stunt.

  • With the new governor mandate of masks beginning 6/26/2020, how will this affect us in general, particularly pertaining to stunting? 

    • Coaches, judges, other event personnel, and cheerleaders not involved in the activity (standing on the sideline or watching) must be wearing masks.  Cheerleaders actively involved in the routine, including stunting, will not be required to wear them, but could if they choose.  If they choose to wear them, they must be secured so they will not hinder their movement or create a safety hazard.

  • Are there any other updates or modifications to be aware of for the WIAA State Championship Date? 

    • No anticipated changes at this point, but things continue to evolve daily.  So stay tuned!  

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