WSCCA Membership | Valid until Conference 2021

WSCCA Membership (1)

Join the WSCCA to enjoy all of the benefits of being a member. Please review the WSCCA Membership Principles below prior to purchasing.
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WSCCA Membership (1)

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WSCCA Membership
Valid until Conference 2021

About The Event

Membership Benefits

  • Provides a line of communication and a forum for the exchange of ideas and information
  • Access to Facebook group page: "Coach's Corner" & "Rec. Coach's Corner"
  • Coordination with the state governing association (WIAA)
  • Clinics/Workshops/Conferences discounts
  • Eligibility for a senior cheerleader to receive scholarships
  • Eligibility for “WSCCA Coach of the Year” or "WSCCA Member of Year" honors
  • Voting rights at yearly conference
  • Enhanced Professional growth and opportunity to contribute to your profession
  • Safety Updates
  • Support system
  • Eligibility for free prizes
  • Business discounts
  • Discounts for state competitions, conference

WSCCA Membership Principles

In becoming a WSCCA member, I pledge to be the best coach that I can be.  I realize my cheerleaders rely on me for guidance, leadership, encouragement, and discipline.  I understand that I must be a role model to them both on and off the playing field.  My primary role is to build positive and ethical lifetime character traits in my athletes and I must demonstrate these same qualities through my behavior.  As a coach, I will abide by the following principles:

  • I will show respect for all of my cheereladers, coaching staff members, school administrators, parents, and officials.
  • I will establish and uphold standards of effort, behavior, and character for my staff and cheerleaders.
  • I will accentuate the positive and recognize and appreciate my athletes.
  • I will exhibit understanding, patience, enthusiasm, and perseverance.  I will expect and nurture the same qualities in my cheerleaders.
  • I will treat my opponents with fairness, generosity, and courtesy.
  • I will be responsible for my own attitude, actions, and habits through my daily choices.  I will focus on positive sportsmanship.
  • I will be a person who takes loss or defeat without complaint, and victory without gloating.
  • I will know, understand, and follow the rules of the game at all times.
  • I will encourage and motivate my athletes and help them build self confidence.
  • I will develop champions of life.
  • I will follow my heart, adhere to my convictions, and instill positive values and a sense of self worth in the young people I coach. 

I pledge to meet these expectations to the best of my ability.

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