Virtual Competitions
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Virtual Competition Dates
Weekend 1 – May 8th      Weekend 2 – May 15th   
Weekend 3 – May 22nd   Weekend 4 – May 29th
WSCCA Championship – June 5th
WSCCA 2021 Virtual Cheerleading Competitions


Since WIAA is unable to host virtual events, WSCCA has taken on the responsibility to give the cheerleaders opportunity to participate.

There will not be a WIAA State Championship this year. 

WOA & WSCJA will stay involved in the season.

By going virtual it will allow more teams in the state to compete from their home sites with no travel requirement. Teams will be given the option to film “outdoors” and meet stunting guidelines for our state with multiple phases.

This year only, we have added Non-Tumble/Non-Build for Game Day & Stomp.


  1. Full registrations, payment & videos will be due by Thursday, 9pm of each week's event (5 weeks).

    • Cost reduction to $150 per performance this year only. There will be a minimum of 8 total performances per weekend for competition to be held. If the competition is canceled, teams will be moved to the following weekend.

    • Only 1 virtual event for each week.

  2. WSCCA to collect videos, registrations & payment.

    • Registration to include program, category, division, # of athletes, coaches contact for scoresheets, payment (credit card payment only), & coach agreement.

    • Video Submission will be submitted separately each week during submission time frame window.

  3. Virtual Liability Waiver required by each participant – Online signature through WSCCA website - See link on this page.

  4. WSCCA will create a “schedule” for Judges.

    • Results & recap will be published by WSCCA.

    • Scoresheets emailed directly to coaches by WSCJA.

  5. When registering, coaches will need to agree to adhere with virtual guidelines and general rules set forth. If not, videos will not be judged and/or they will be disqualified. It is also coaches responsibly to ensure each of their athletes have a signed parent/athlete waiver.

  6. (UPDATED 3/24/21) To accommodate more teams, teams are able to perform on any approved NFHS performance area with 42' x 54' boundaries being CLEARLY marked. Teams without full 9 panels will need to mark 42 x 54 boundaries with 4 cones or tape. Performance floor chosen will need to adhere to NFHS rules regarding skills performed during routine (certain skills are not allowed on gym floors). Examples of performance floors below. SPRING FLOOR IS NOT ALLOWED.

    1. 9 panel of mats

    2. Football Field (4 corners of boundaries marked) - See Football Boundary example link below

    3. Gym Floor (4 corners of boundaries marked)

    4. Mixture of Mats & Gym Floor (Less than 9 panel mats)- teams can perform on less mats however will need to mark boundaries.

  7. Teams will still be judged on maximizing use of floor on rubric based on the 42' x 54' performance boundaries to keep consistency. Teams will receive deductions for stepping out of bounds at tech judge's discretion.

  8. Each competition event routine will be viewable on a private password protected WSCCA page. The videos will be up from Saturday-Thursday. Coaches will be emailed a pass-code after registering. Event videos will be removed Thursday after the event in order to have the next routines viewable. WSCCA Championship videos will not be password protected and viewable for all.


  1. Registration for each event is located at top of this page.

  2. $150 Payment must be received (Online Payment Only) in order to have videos judged.


  • Traditional

  • Traditional Non-Tumble (NT)

  • Game Day

  • Game Day Non-Tumble (NT) / Non-Build (NB) (this year only & designated for teams unable to stunt)

  • Stomp

  • Stomp Non-Tumble (NT) /Non-Build (NB) (this year only & designated for teams unable to stunt) 



*It is up to coaches to place their team in the correct division

  • Small 12 participants or less

  • Medium 13-16 participants

  • Large 17-20 participants

  • Super Large 21+participants

  • Mixed Gender - 2 or more individuals that create a mixed gender team (previously CoEd)

  • High School JV

  • Middle School/Junior High


*It is up to coaches to place their team in the correct division

  • Senior 18 years & under

  • Junior 14 years & under

  • Youth 11 years & under

  • Mini    8 years and under

  • Allstate Crossover (3 or more USASF)


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