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Thank you to all the programs that came out and supported the WSCCA at All Star State! Teams looked amazing and we are thrilled to see the growth of cheer in WA state.

​BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the following teams

Columbia Extreme - JAMZ Nationals
2nd place - Senior Co-Ed 3

Connect Cheer - JAMZ Nationals
Junior 2 - 8th place
Senior 2 - 6th place
Junior 5- National Champions!!
Co-Ed 4 - National Champions!!
SWAG earned a bid to WOLRDS!!
Jr. Pom - 6th Place
Jr. Hip Hop - 6th Place
Senior Hip Hop - National Champions!!
Senior Pom - 7th place


Eastern Washignton Elite - JAMZ Nationals
Jazz - 4th place
Hip Hop - 3rd place

Elite Force Cheer - JAMZ Nationals
Junior Co Ed Level 3- 2nd place
Senior All Girl Level 4 small- 7th place
Senior Co Ed Level 5 Small earned a bid to WORLDS!!

South Elite - NCA Nationals
Diamonds Level 5 Medium Co-Ed earned a bid to WORLDS!!
Titans Open Level 5 earned a bid to WORLDS!!

Oregon Dream Teams - JAMZ Nationals/PACWEST (Our Oregon Friends)
Small Junior 2 - 4th place
Large Senior 3 - 4th place
Small Senior 5 - 5th place and earned a bid to WORLDS at Pacwest!!

Congratulations this weekend to the following teams who earned the following at the PacWest Championship:
Champion Cheer (our Oregon Friends) - Small Senior 5 - At Large Big to World's
Connect All-Stars - Senior Hip Hop - At Large Bid to World's
Eastern Washington Elite - Senior Hip Hop - Partial Paid Bid to World's
Eastern Washington Elite - Senior Jazz - Partial Paid Bid to World's
South Elite All-Stars - Senior Co-Ed Medium - PAID BID to Worlds who will be representing PacWest at the Championship last April!



We are proud of our WA Teams!!!!​
2011 - South Elite- 8th - Senior Semi Limited Co-ed Level 5
2011- South Elite - 6th - International Open Co-ed Level 5
2011 Connect -19th - Limited Coed Level 5

2010 - South Elite Coed 5- placed 6th - Coach Kim Kawachi
2010 - South Elite All Girl - placed 11th - Coach Kim Kawachi

• West Coast Extreme featured in Cheer Biz - Dec. 2009
• South Elite gym featured in Cheer Biz - Dec. 2009
• Connect featured in Cheer Biz - Oct. 2008

USASF IPromise


iPromise was developed by a subcommittee of the USASF National Advisory Board. iPromise is co-supported by the Parent's Action Committee, NCSSE and AACCA who award a 'Leadership through Sportsmanship Award' annually at the VIP Reception and Ceremony. The pledge can be taken by all participants of cheerleading and dance. Taking the pledge shows that individual supports a better cheerleading and dance community through mutual respect and appreciation.


March 2nd is the Day to show your pride in your PROMISE! Get together with your team and gym and do something that shows your commitment to respecting and appreciating other cheerleading teams and programs. It could be as easy as making a youTube video of your “Hello” cheer, or sending good luck cards for gyms in your area going to Worlds or All Levels. Document your act of good sportsmanship and send it in. Many of the programs will be featured on and in First Friday and the best overall will be nominated for the Leadership through Sportsmanship Award! Videos, Pictures and Stories can be sent to: Tegan Reeves, , 6745 Lenox Center Court , Suite 300, Memphis TN 38115


WSCCA believes that all teams and gyms follow true sportsmanship and "fair play". WSCCA All Star State Championship follows the USASF divisions. All rules will be followed. In the case of age requirement, If a formal complaint is filed at the competition then the coach would need to provide proof of age per a birth certificate. If the athlete is “ineligible” then the team would forfeit the trophy.

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