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DIRECTOR - West Side

Hi! My name is Laura Nation and I coach the Tides of Gig Harbor HS. I've been coaching and involved with the WSCCA since 2007.

If you're on the west side of the Cascades and have cheer related questions, please reach out to me at

Competition Information:


To qualify for WIAA State Championship:​


  1. The team must have performed in at least ten (10) school events, such as school assemblies, sideline cheerleading, half-time performances, pep rallies, etc.

  2. The team must have participated in at least one (1) WIAA, WSCCA or school-sponsored competition.

  3. The team can qualify for WIAA State competition in one of two ways:

1) Must have scored at least 59 as a minimum qualifying score in the non-tumbling divisions or 65 as a minimum qualifying score in the tumbling, stomp and game day divisions (whole numbers only; there will be no rounding of decimals) after all deductions (based upon the cumulative scores awarded by the four judges) in the competition, or...

2) Receive one (1) of the top fifty scores of all performances during the competition season.

To host a qualifying competition the event must:     

1)  Be staffed entirely by school personnel and/or affiliates (school administrators, teachers, coaches, booster clubs, etc)     

2)  Have all registration/entry fees deposited into the school ASB account     

3)  Not exceed the maximum per team registration/entry fee as approved by the WIAA and WSCCA     

4)  Utilize WOA/WSCJA judges


Listing of all certified coaches through WIAA/WSCCA stunt certification

REQUIREMENTS FOR CHEER COACHES (both volunteer and paid)
1. Cheer head coaches are REQUIRED to take the online WIAA/WOA Spirit Rules Clinic annually, and must meet all WIAA coaches standards, whether the school declares cheerleading or dance/drill as a sport OR as an activity.

2. 30 clock/educational hours within your first 3 years

3. CPR and First Aid Training

4. “Hands on” stunt Certification is required for cheer coaches who intend to have their cheer squad(s) perform stunts. The certification program must be approved by the Washington State Cheer Coaches Association, and the WIAA. Coaches must be recertified every two (2) years with “hands on” training.

  • Each team must have a stunt certified coach on site during practice and competition in order for an athlete(s) to be eligible to stunt.

DIRECTOR - East Side

Hi, my name is Kim Mayer and I am your High School Director for the east side of the state. 


Contact me at



Academic Champions

2011 Academic Champions
4A Ferris High School - 3.722 - Coach Emily Schutz
3A Shorewood High School - 3.605 - Coach Vicki Gorman
2A Centralia High School - 3.821 - Coach Charlene Johnson
1A King's High School - 3.681 - Coach Kathi Jo Menzyk
2B NW Christian High School (Cobert) - 3.810 - Coach Alyssa Shidler
1B Almira/Coulee-Hartline High School - 3.790 - Coach Shelly Higginbotham

2010 Academic Champions
4A Ferris HS - 3.778 - Coach Emily Schutz
3A Juanita HS - 3.630 - Coach Jeni Nelson/Andrea Snyder
2A Quincy HS - 3.750- Coach Cheryl Anthony
1A Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) HS 3.626 - Coach Katie Jelinek
2B Evergreen Lutheran HS - 3.647 - Coach Dena Ingle
1B Three Rivers Christian HS - 3.837 - Coach Dawn Woods/Tasha Settle

2009 Academic Champions
4A Shorewood HS - 3.653 - Coach Vicki Gorman
3A Juanita HS - 3.620 - Coach Jeni Nelson
2A W F West HS - 3.728- Coach Andi LeBoeuf
1A King's HS 3.685 - Coach Kathi Jo Menzyk
2B Evergreen Lutheran HS - 3.725 - Coach Dena Ingle
1B Odessa HS - 3.730 - Coach Amy Hunt

2010-2011 Winners
3A - Liberty High School
2A - Burlington Edison High School

  2009-2010 Winner  
Burlington Edison High School

  2008-2009  Winners    
4A - Oak Harbor High School
3A - Hanford High School
2A - Burlington Edison High School

 2007-2008 Winners  
4A - Oak Harbor High School
3A - Hanford High School

2006-2007 Winner
Hanford High School

2005-2006 Winners
4A - Kentwood High School
3A - Hanford High School

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