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The WSCCA takes pride in bestowing several awards on our deserving coaches and programs each year.  We look to honor and celebrate the varied achievements of the outstanding women and men in our organization.


Award winners must be members of the WSCCA (with the exception of the administrator categories). You may vote for more than one category in separate submissions.  The following is the comprehensive list of awards:


Rec Coach of the Year

Rec Assistant Coach of the Year

Rec Rising Star*

Rec Program of the Year

Rec Administrator of the Year**

*For coaches in year 1-3 of their career

**Anyone part a program's board or operations that is exceptional.  Example: president, vice president, athletic director, etc.


Scholastic Coach of the Year

Scholastic Assistant Coach of the Year

Scholastic Rising Star*

Scholastic Program of the Year

Scholastic Athletic Director of the Year

*For coaches in year 1-3 of their career

WSCCA Member of the Year


Anyone with knowledge of the candidate/program can nominate - cheerleaders, parents, coaches, administrators, etc. After the closing of online submissions, all nominations will be collected and presented to the WSCCA awards committee to vote on finalists for each category. Finalists will then be presented to the full WSCCA board to select winners based several factors, including, but not limited to, the number and caliber of nomination descriptions. If needed, supplementary information and interviews will be requested to gain additional insight on candidates. 

Please note the Awards Committee consists of the Committee Chair and select WSCCA Board Members. Those on the committee that have a personal connection to nominees or are nominated themselves must recuse themselves from discussion of that category. 

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*Note - coaches must be current WSCCA members to receive award nomination.  If you don't see your coach listed please contact our Membership Director at

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