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WSCCA All-State

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The All-State event is an individual, and stunt group competition. This competition is open to all School and Recreational cheerleaders. Programs may enter as many athletes as they want to participate.  The All-State competition will be two parts; preliminary (virtual) and finals (in person). All athletes will participate in the preliminary virtual portion by video submissions. The top percentage in each division advancing to the finals, will be notified via email. If you accept the invite, you must be in attendance for the in-person competition. (No video submissions are allowed for finals).

Deadlines and Location

February 17th, 2023 by 6pm - Virtual Submissions Due for Preliminary Round

February 18th - 19th, 2023 - Judging of Virtual Submissions

February 24th, 2023 by 6pm - Finalists Announced

March 11th, 2023 7am to 3pm - In Person Finals at Rogers HS, Puyallup, WA

Cost and Payments

Payment can be made via online registration.

  • $40/Participant if coach is a current WSCCA member

  • $50/Participant if coach is not a current WSCCA member

  • $100/Stunt group

Spectator fee for in-person finals is $5.


  • Rec ages 8 and under non tumbling

  • Rec ages 9+ non tumbling

  • Rec all ages tumbling

  • Jr High, JV, Middle School non tumbling

  • Jr High, JV, Middle School tumbling

  • Varsity non tumbling

  • Varsity tumbling

  • Stunt Group Intermediate (All Girl)

  • Stunt Group Advanced (All Girl)

  • Stunt Group Coed (Advanced Sequence, Group of 4 with at least one male)

  • Rec Stunt Group (Intermediate Sequence)

Preliminary Round Video Submissions

There are no limits to the number of athletes a program can send to participate in the 2022 All State Competition.  All initial submissions are to be sent via video submission and will be judged remotely. All the details for submitting your video are outlined in the 2022 All State instructional video .

All submissions (except stunt group) must submit a complete video in the following order:

  1. Jump

  2. Cheer

  3. Dance

  4. Tumbling (if applicable)

Stunt groups should submit a video following the exact order of the 8-count sheet.

Please record one complete, unedited, video that includes your jump, cheer, and dance (tumbling if required) or stunt sequence. Upload your video to YouTube making it “Unlisted”. The title should be your full name that was used in registration. The description should be your name followed by your program name. Once complete email the link to

Participating athletes should wear their full uniform. If you don’t have a uniform wear athletic PE style attire in your team colors. Hair should be worn up and away from the face with “Game Day” presentation.

In-Person Finals

-Schedule and location TBD

-Spectator cost is $5

-There may be one coach admitted for free per every 5 participants


Athletes must advance to finals from the virtual preliminary round.  Those advancing to the finals will be notified via email.  Spectators may attend the in-person competition.  Athletes will receive 5 minutes on a warm up mat and all performance mats are 2 standard panels. Tumblers please note there is no cross tumbling. Stunt groups will have 4 standard panel mats connected.



8-count stunt music​


In person finalist announced via Email.  The top percentage of athletes will be advancing to the finals where in person awards will be handed out after final in person judging. Scores and placement is based on in person scores alone.

*Tie breaks will be decided by the highest cheer score.

**The number of awards may increase or decrease based on number of participants in each division.

For any questions contact

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