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Scholastic Award Winners
WSCCA Scholastic Award Winners


Each year the WSCCA honors coaches, programs, and athletic directors with awards nominated by their peers, athletes, and parents.  We take pride in lifting others up and recognizing their great accomplishments.  Our annual nomination process generally opens in May, with awards announced at the Pacific Northwest Coaches Conference.

This page serves as an archive for past honorees and WSCCA history.

2023 Scholastic Coach of the Year 

Katherine Melka Mead High School 

This Coach  is not only the epitome of a role model for our girls, but she is also a mentor as well. She takes this group of teenagers that most have  never cheered before and comes alongside of them and provides support and encouragement to not only Lead the skills to be successful as an athlete, but she also instills in them the importance of being a good leader, friend, teammate and ambassador of our school. She puts her whole heart into this sport and takes the responsibility of being these kids coach very seriously. I am beyond grateful that she has been the coach to not only my oldest daughter who graduated two years ago but now to my youngest daughter as well

My Coach spends night and day thinking about if her cheerleaders are okay. She signs us up for any stunt clinic, psychology meeting, or even yoga, to make sure we are taken care of mentally and physically. She texts us to eat healthy and drink enough water so that we can have energy. She does not just care about the sport, she cares about each individual and their safety, mental health and belonging.

She is so loving and kind. She always keeps up the mood at practices, while also making sure we’re working hard and staying focused on our goals. I wouldn’t want any other coach because she truly does make the team feel like a family.

2023 Scholastic Assistant Coach of the Year

Frennie Beningo Spanaway Lake High School

It is with great pleasure and honor that I nominate this for coach, because she has demonstrated her dedication and love for all of her cheerleaders. She is always communicating with us parents about everything that is going on, by updating band and answering any questions we may have. She makes sure that every girl on our team is treated fairly and has everything they need to succeed in their sport. Honestly, she really shows passion and pride for our cheerleaders, and we are very proud and blessed to have her as one of our coaches.

This Coach is the friendly face you seek out when things are tough. When I am having trouble with a skill, she is there to make sure my head is still held high as I try to find the solution. She is warm and kindhearted. She constantly makes sacrifices such as money and her own free time knowing it will be beneficial to the team's bonding experiences.

2023 Rising Star 

Madison Hummel Yelm High School 

This coach is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever meet. She put all her heart and energy into our small-town team . She has been coaching many years for the youth program and moved to the assistant coach position for 4 years prior to 2022-2023 being her first year as a head coach. Watching her come to her full potential and blossom into who she is even more so was something truly special to watch. Not only is she crazy knowledgeable she never stops there she’s willing to grow, learn, listen , and try new things. She is so valuable to us as a team and to this school district. Organized, steady, and capable of all things she sets herself to. Our girls look up to her and she loves them all as if they were her own! She never stops thinking about what’s coming next and she wont . She’s a warrior. The type of coach our cheerleaders feel are so lucky to have! She shines so bright, and I hope she sees it as much as we do!
We love her !

2023 Scholastic Prograam of the Year

Spanaway Lake High School 

I would like to recognize and nominate Spanaway Lake for the Scholastic Program of the Year Award. I have never seen a group of dedicated young ladies who are amazing and  loved in the community, and by their coaches. They are so driven and determined to be their very best. This team wears many hats and represents their school to the highest of respect and dedication. When they are not cheering for multiple sports and competing, they are volunteering at special events and fundraising. I must mention the positivity and inclusiveness that this program provides, they are all so kindhearted and welcoming. I love how diverse this team is, and although they are individually incredible by themself, they are extraordinary and magical together. If all programs could follow suit to the standards this program provides for these students, there would probably be less bullying, and more friendships made like the ones on this team. They have had success on the competition floor as well earning second place this year in the Stomp category. These young ladies and their coaches have proven that they are a valued asset at their school, and everyone is so proud of them.

2023 Athletic Director of the Year

Gabe  Gutierrez Foster High School 

Gabe is one of the absolute best Athletic Directors I have worked with in over 17 years. He has a cheerful attitude, a calm presence, and a can-do attitude. He has been a rock of stability in our cheer program as we continue our growth and rebuilding campaign.

 He has led and supported many regional and district sports competitions while still finding time for our program. He may not always be physically present to support but, he works hard to show cheer that we matter and is just as important as the other sport. He does this by boosting our confidence, and financial support, helping us raise school spirit, judging our tryouts and the list goes on.

He takes tremendous care of “his people” coaches and student-athletes by taking the time to know what someone’s pet peeves are, opening the gym on weekends for additional practices, and finding time to listen when a coach or student-athlete needs a listening ear. Gabe is completely dedicated to making the lives of those he works with easier and a blast.

 He is always responsive and reaches out to check in with coaches to ensure there are doing ok professionally and personally. His focus on efficiency and positive attitude makes it really easy to trust and value him every day.


Samantha Burnstead - 2020 - Coach of the Year

Ballard High School

I believe my coach deserves to be nominated as Coach of the Year because she always puts us first, and pours her heart and soul into everything for the betterment of the team. She would give anyone the shirt off her back if they needed it, and leads her life as an example for all of us! Please consider her for Coach of Year - she truly deserves it.

Lisa Cabalquinto - 2020 - Coach of the Year

Meeker Middle School

This coach works with each cheerleader individually and all together as a whole. She pushes every cheerleader to be there best on and off the mat. She treats every girl with equality and respect. Also, she is great at time management with the team. Without Lisa we wouldn’t have won 9 state championships within there few years in stomp, traditional and gameday. Coach Lisa is one of the beat coaches out there and deserves this award for many reasons.

She’s worked so hard the past eight years to get this program to where it is today. her work is so inspiring and she deserves to get this award in honor of her wonderful work and her last year of coaching.


Alejandra Ramos

Alicia Edgerly

Amanda Fuentes

Amber Torres

Angelica Watkins

Ashanti Walther

Cassie Buchholz

Christa Dakers

Chuck Chartrey

Dana Thomas

Danni Chapman

Deanna Allaway

Frennie Benigno

Jaelene McKechnie

Jennifer Gann

Jennifer Walson

Jerry Spalti

Kim Kawachi

Kyona Fryar

Madison Maxwell

Megan DuCette

Penny Rasmussen

Rebecca Matthews

Robby Sortore

Serena Kendall

Stephania Gullikson

Tammy Wyatt

Tia Kutz

Trisha Roberts

Mia Fischer - 2020 - Assistant Coach of the Year

Juanita High School

I’m nominating Mia because of her dedication to this team. Every day, she comes to practice prepared to push us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. She wants us to succeed, and we do because of her. I’ve never seen a day where Mia wasn’t mentally at practice, a game or a competition. If we need something, she’s there. She gets straight to the point, and won’t dance around an issue if we have one. She’ll address it, figure out how to solve it, and put it into place, whether that be the wrong technique in a stunt or an un cooperating athlete. Aside this, she has such a kind soul. She makes us laugh like no one else. Mia is the best assistant coach.

Mia has been the most amazing assistant coach for my daughter for 2 years now. Mia always has a heartwarming smile, encouraging words, and loving ways to get the Juanita cheer team to make improvements. She is 100% dedicated to the girls, and I see that it is in her heart to want to see them succeed. She has been a blessing to Juanita cheer, and because of her coaching abilities, she has made the program better than ever!


Frennie Benigno

Lynnette Butler

Madison Hummel

Nykole Larson

Tahreana Turner

Tia Kutz

Tiffany Black

Danielle Jenkins - 2020 - Rising Star

Auburn Mountainview High School

This is Danielle's 3rd year as the JV coach at AMHS. Her patience and kind heart amazes me with these new cheerleaders that come into the program. Upon starting her coaching career with AMHS she took on JV and had them compete the past 2 years. She volunteered extra time to work with the girls and in the end they accomplished winning the JV game day division the past 2 years. This year she also brought the JV team to UCA Nationals where they placed in the top 10 in JV Game Day division after advancing to finals. The girls truly adore her and she is not only their coach but a role model, someone they can talk to and seek advice and mentor. Danielle is deserving of the rising star award because she has turned some girls into shining stars themselves and showed them how to love the sport of cheerleading as much as she does!

I am nominating this person for this award because they go above and beyond when it comes to teaching athletes and helping them improve their skills. This coach completely changed my perspective for cheer, she made me realize how much I love this sport and how passionate I am about it. She always encouraged me to do my best even when I thought I wasn’t capable of achieving a new skill. Danielle was my biggest inspiration throughout my senior year and she definitely made it unforgettable. We went to nations as a team for the first time and she helped us come up with our own definition of success. Success for us was doing our best and trying our hardest, no matter what the outcome was. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be coached by Danielle and for being a part of this cheer program.


Allison Pumma

Frennie Benigno

Jaelene McKechnie

Kimberly Davidson

Kyona Fryar

Madison Hummel

Missi Wilson

Penny Rasmussen

Serena Kendall

Tiffany Black

River Ridge High School - 2020 - Program of the Year

Olympia, WA

River Ridge High school put out a first year tumbling team together, which placed fifth at USA Nationals. In addition to that, we got fourth in the nation for our gameday band chant, and scored a record high 92.75 for our gameday at state. Even though we lost our three-peat, we overcame so many obstacles this year, and really branched out and tried new things. The tumbling team and our gameday routine definitely prove that. Go Hawks!

RRHS Cheer program has such amazing energy and ethic! They coaching staff and cheerleaders are so fun and down to earth!


Amber Torres

Dana Thomas

Kyona Fryar

Jesse Kase - 2020 - Administrator of the Year

Emerald Ridge High School

I would like to nominate our athletic director Jesse Kase. He continually goes above and beyond to support our program. This year not only did he purchase us flags to use for games and competitions he also ensures we have adequate practice space. Jesse often stops in to make sure we have everything we need and check and see how the team is doing. These are just a few of the many ways he continually supports our team throughout the year.


Casey Lindberg - Bremerton High School

2019 - 2015


Coach of the Year - Kim Mayer - Hanford High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Kaitlyn Hanley - Auburn Mountainview High School

Rising Star - Rabecca Hooper - Peninsula High School

Program of the Year - Auburn Mountainview High School

Administrator of the Year - Scott Sifferman - Sultan High school


Coach of the Year - Shana Biggs - Auburn Mountainview High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Paige Snider - Ballard High School

Program of the Year - Meeker Middle School


Coach of the Year - Mikey Carlyle - Moses Lake High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Jordan Salm - Skyline High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Casey Sullivan - Skyline High school

Rising Star - Amber Torres - Lynnwood High School

Program of the Year - Hanford High School

Administrator of the Year - Chris Carr - Auburn Mountainview High School


Coach of the Year - Jennetta Blake - Steilacoom High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Amanda Pardee - Bellevue High School

Rising Star - Courtney Christie - Eastside Catholic

Program of the Year - Enumclaw High School


Coach of the Year - Stephania Gullikson - Skyline High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Kathey Hatfield - Hanford High School

Program of the Year - Mount Si High School

Administrator of the Year - Eric Davis - Hanford High School



Coach of the Year - Kim Westerberg - Enumclaw high School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Jaymie Ford - Central Kitsap High School

Rising Star - Courtney Christie - Bellevue High School

Program of the Year - Moses Lake High School

Administrator of the Year - Mark Torgerson - Spanaway Lake High School


Coach of the Year - Jessi Stevens - Mount Si High School

Coach of the Year - Tiffany Webb - Union High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Lauren Albritton - Oak Harbor High School

Rising Star - Jackie Boak - Cedarcrest High School

Program of the Year - Skyline High School

Administrator of the Year - Phil Willenbrock - Peninsula High School


Coach of the Year - Traci Brandon - Mercer Island High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Michelle Hamilton - Bethel High School

Rising Star - Samantha Burnstead - Juanita High School

Program of the Year - Steilacoom High School

Administrator of the Year - Scott Garvis - Eastside Catholic


Coach of the Year - Cindy Pardee - Bellevue High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Laura Nation - Peninsula High School

Rising Star - Tammy Fox - Skyline High School

Rising Star - Jenn Lucas - Reardan High School

Administrator of the Year - Lisa Hechtman - Skyline High School

Administrator of the Year - Kevin Rohrich - Skyline High School


Coach of the Year - Tara McVay - Tahoma High School

Assistant of the Year - Elana Towers - Union High School

Administrator of the Year - Brent Kawaguchi - Eastlake High School

2009 - 2005


Coach of the Year - Andy Gault - Bothell High School

Coach of the Year - Emily Schutz - Ferris High School

Assistant Coach of the Year - Kasey Johansen - Skyline High School

Administrator of the Year - Bob Dowding - Seattle Lutheran High School


Coach of the Year - Dave Pilcher - Heritage High school

Assistant Coach of the Year - Robin Gohn - Oak Harbor High School

Administrator of the Year - John Applegate - Redmond High School


Administrator of the Year - Dave Morris - Heritage High School

Administrator of the Year - Bob Smithson - Oak Harbor High School


Coach of the Year - NancyEllen Elster - Ballard High School

Administrator of the Year - Joanne Daughtry - Kentwood High school


Coach of the Year - Nancy Garr - Ferndale High School

Coach of the Year - Kim Kawachi - Kentwood High School

2004 - 2002


Coach or the Year - Lynn Fallows - Mount Si High School


Coach of the Year - Laurie Beaver - Decatur High School


Coach of the Year - Pam Headridge - Oak Harbor High School

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