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2023 Hall of Fame Coach: Mikey Carlile, Moses Lake High School  

It is our pleasure to nominate this Coach for the Hall of Fame. This person has been a coach for multiple years in that time she has run a successful program that has led her team to multiple State Championships, had athletes continue to cheer in college, and is an inspiration to all coaches who aspire to run such a successful program.

This person has served on the WSCCA board for many years where she continues to share her knowledge with all of us. She is willing to volunteer for anything that is needed, like hosting an extra competition on the Eastside so that teams had a last chance to qualify for WIAA State, teaching classes at conference and much more. In her efforts to continue to educate the coaches in our state she has also added Stunt certification instructor to her busy schedule.

She may be the most recognizable for her teams’ competition Cheer. Moses….Lake 

2023 Hall of Fame Contributor: Laura Nation ,Gig Harbor High School, WSCCA Board 


This person has been a part of the WSCCA board for 15+ years. In this time she has contributed more than we can possibly list. She is the first to jump in and help when we can’t get the zoom to work, 

She has been a Cheer liaison at WIAA basketball since the inception of the program many years ago. She spends countless hours putting together stats for us to use when approaching the WIAA with facts to encourage changes. 

She is one of the first teams that took on the huge task of hosting a qualifying event, which gets bigger every year.

2023 Hall of Fame Scholastic Program: West Seattle High School   

This program has been seriously underrated, and my daughter had the privilege of working with them at summer camp in 2018. She pointed out that they were really good, and when she says this about a team, I will take notice. Since that time, I have watched them from behind the scenes, grow into the force they are today. They didn’t need anyone to point them out this year as they drew all the worthy attention to themselves. Their creativity in choreography - noticed. Skill level - noticed. Dynamic performances - check. Proud to watch another team come out of their shell and shine.

This was West Seattle by storm. 

2023 Hall of Fame Recreational Program: Tahoma Junior Bears/ Maple Valley Raiders

The program deserves this recognition for their outstanding ability to create leaders both on and off the mat. Their successes have rivaled the best of high school teams. Their athletes are all under the age of 13. As a 100% volunteer program, the amount of time, effort, energy and true passion for the athletes that is put in by the coaching staff is like none other. Personally, I was proud to be apart of the program for many years, but even more proud of them now as they continue to grow under new leadership and be a force to be reckoned with on the mat.

It is my honor to nominate this outstanding program and its coaches.


I can attest to how far this program has come, although they have always had motivated athletes and coaches. It wasn’t always so easy to showcase those skills. Many years ago only the oldest athletes, that were on the Varsity squad were able to do any stunt higher that a gut stand. Their routines were 7-10 minutes long and they had every member of the program (100+) on the floor for the performance, which entailed cheer, dance and limited stunting. ( thigh stands and gut stands for anyone under the age of 11.) The program used to compete once a year against the other 3 teams in their league. Now look at them they are competing at local competitions as well as several trips to California to compete as USA Nationals where they received two  2nd place trophies beating out the reigning champions. During their recent visit they received 1st place and GRAND CHAMPIONS!!!! 


2023 WSCCA Member of the Year: Mikey Carlile, WSCCA Secretary

This person is an amazing representation of  WSCCA,  and cheer in Washington. She has been a coach for 17+ years and has served on the WSCCA board for the past 4 years. She is always willing to take on projects, always has a smile on her face. It has been a pleasure to work with her. 

2022 Hall of Fame Coach: Kellee WallaceLynden High School 

Kellee has been the coach of Lynden HS Cheer for 30+ years!   Can't think of anyone who deserves this Hall of Fame recognition more!

2022 Hall of Fame Contributor: Tanica Blackwell- Wittig, WSCCA VP, Bellarmine Prep 

I met Tanica for the first time at CheerLeadership camp as we were both hired as camp counselors in the same year.  We instantly hit it off, but it isn't hard to find friendship with Tanica Blackwell Wittig.  She is one of the most selfless people I have encountered.  As a camp counselor, she quickly was elected to serve as the coaches liaison for years at CheerLeadership camp and helped countless coaches find their footing in their formative years as a coach.  She has also served as a positive model to fellow board members while on the board and stepped up to take on an intimidating role as VP and has done so with an amazing amount of integrity, vulnerability and determination for the good of cheerleading in this state. Bellarmine Prep has been host to many cheerleading events throughout the years and this is due to her commitment to provide excellent service to the board and cheerleading community in Washington state. She advocates for others and is dedicated to teaching, including her role as a stunt certification clinician for years...only further proving her dedication to helping others.  I could go on and on, as she has certainly been willing to help me on so many occasions when things go awry in the final hour, she is always willing to take my call and provide insight or wise counsel.  She deserves this honor, and I am blessed to know her and nominate her.

Tanica was one of the first people to reach out to me when I first started coaching. Over the years I have watched her help continue to educate coaches through stunt certifications and even showing up to volunteer at practices. Her love and passion for cheer show in every camp, practice, tryout, stunt cert, board meeting, the list goes on, that she volunteers or works at.

2022 Hall of Fame Coach

2021 Hall of Fame Contributor: Sheryl Schisler ,WSCCA Treasurer

2021 Hall of Fame Contributor: Shana Biggs ,WSCCA President

2020 Hall of Fame Coach : Andy Gault ,Bothell High School & National Cheerleaders Association

Andy wants the very best for everyone and he doesn't stop until everyone receives it. Being a teacher, coach, and head NCA instructor for 21+ years in the state of Washington, he is beloved by cheerleaders, coaches, and students across the globe. He has been honored as teacher of the
year in the state of Washington and this honor should extend to his lifetime achievement of his years of service to the cheerleading community. He is the spirit of Herkie Herkimer embodied and delivered to all of us. Andy is fair, inclusive, loving, and equitable. He is uplifting, kind, and builds character and confidence in all of those that he meets daily. And years later, cheerleaders come back to visit him and share their love and appreciation for him.

2020 Hall of Fame Coach: Kim Westerberg, Enumclaw High School

Kim Westerberg has been a stalwart coach in Washington for many years. She has been active as the head coach of her school, a parent (and rabid fan) of a UW cheerleader, and an active member of the WSCCA board for many years. She has held leadership positions on the board and
has always been a supporter and volunteer at our many events. Kim has faced many challenges over the years she has coached, both personally and in her program. She isn't afraid to make hard decisions. She continues to persevere no matter what--providing an excellent example for those she coaches as well as those of us who see her from the sidelines. Kim is much deserving of a spot in the WSCCA Hall of Fame.

2020 Hall of Fame Contributor:  Adolfo Capestany, WSCCA Competition MC and DJ

For almost our entire competition seasons, Aldolfo has been there to run music, MC the events, and be the behind the scenes cheerleader. He is deserving of recognition for all the hard work, time, energy, and dedication he has brought to the industry over the years.


2020 WSCCA Member of the Year: Jordan Salm

2019 Hall of Fame Coach: Jessii Stevens , Mount Si High School 

2019 WSCCA Member of the Year: Renee Engelking

2018 Hall of Fame Coach: Stephania Gullikson, Skyline High School 

2018 Hall of Fame Program: Olympic HS

2018 Hall of Fame Contributor: Becki Fluery ,Varsity Fashion 

2018 WSCCA Member of the Year: Sheryl Schisler

2017 Hall of Fame Recreational Coach : Anne Christiansen, Eastside Dream Elite 

2017 Hall of Fame Contributor: Robby Sortore,Varsity

2016 Hall of Fame Coach: Christoff Elster 

2016 Hall of Fame Contributor: Cindy Adsit ,WIAA

2016 WSCCA Member of the Year:  Jean Blatchford

2015 Hall of Fame Coach: Dave Pilcher, Heritage High School 

2015 Hall of Fame Program: Connect Cheer All Star Cheer​

2015 Member of the Year: NancyEllen Elster

2014 Hall of Fame Coach: Tyler Janes , Kentwood High School, South Elite All Stars 

2014 Hall of Fame Contributor: Kate Grieve, WSCJA

2014 WSCCA Member of the Year: Shanna Biggs

2013 Hall of Fame Contributor: Andrew Gustafson, Competition EmCee

2013 Hall of Fame Program: Kentwood High School, Coach Kim Kawachi

2012 Hall of Fame Coach: NancyEllen Elster , Ballard High School 

2012 Hall of Fame Contributors: Jibreel and Jameel Rayam, (ATC) All Things Cheer Competition

2012 Hall of Fame Contributor: Stephania Gullikson ,WSCJA

2012 Member of the Year: Laura Nation, Central Kitsap High School 

2011 Hall of Fame Coach: Laurie Beaver, Decatur HS

2011 Hall of Fame Contributor: Cindy Pardee ,WSCCA Treasurer, Bellevue High School 

2011 WSCCA Member of the Year: Tara Wood, Liberty High School

2010 Hall of Fame Contributor: Kiki Bittner, PacWest Competition

​2010 WSCCA Member of the Year: Brian Antich, Action Athletics

​2010 WSCCA Member of the Year: Stephania Lemeshko, Skyline HS

2009 Hall of Fame Coach: Kim Mayer, Hanford High School

2009 Hall of Fame Coach: Kim Kawachi, South Elite, Kentwood HS

2009 Hall of Fame Contributor: Kathy Crowley, Peninsula HS

2009 Hall of Fame Program: South Elite All Stars, Owner Kim Kawachi

2009 Hall of Fame Program: Galaxy All Stars, Owner Ronda Thomas

​2009 WSCCA Member of the Year: Tanica Blackwell Wittig, Bellarmine Prep

2008 Hall of Fame Coach: Kristi Freeman, Olympic High School

2008 Hall of Fame Contributor: Andrea Snyder, Juanita HS, WSCCA, WSCJA 

​2008 WSCCA Member of the Year: Tara Wood- Liberty High School

2007 Hall of Fame Coach: Terry Dixon

2007 Hall of Fame Program: Hanford High School, Coach Kim Mayer

2007 Hall of Fame Contributor: Pam Headridge, WSCCA WSCJA


​2007 Hall of Fame Contributor: Susan Fortin

​2007 WSCCA Member of the Year: Andrea Snyder, Juanita High School

2006 WSCCA Member of the Year: Cindy Pardee, WSCCA Treasurer, Bellevue High School

​2005 WSCCA Member of the Year: Erin McIntyre

​2004 WSCCA Member of the Year: Kathy Crowley, Peninsula High School

2003 WSCCA Member of the Year: Cindy Pardee

​2002 WSCCA Member of the Year: Toni Buxton

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