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Apply to Host a WIAA State Championship Qualifier Competition 

More to come! 

Past Competition Directors will be contacted when competition timeframe has been confirmed by WIAA. Due to COVID-19 we will not be accepting brand new competition directors for 2021 season. Previous application process will return in 21-22 season post COVID-19.

Applications Closed
Hosting Guidelines

Information for Competition Directors

1. Competition Applications received by a TBD date for the 2021-2022 season will receive priority scheduling. Fill out the information on page two of the application and send via email to the WSCCA President at


2. WSCJA has the ability to staff a maximum of 1 Westside Competition per weekend and 1 Eastside OR South End Competition per weekend

a. All Westside Competitions will require two panels of WSCJA Judges for event efficiency.


b. Schedule will be set and posted on by September 3, 2019.

3. Competition dates will be approved based on the following criteria:

a. In the event of a scheduling conflict:

i. The longest-standing competition/director will have priority given the additional below conditions are also met.

ii. Competition Directors currently using the qualifier for a fundraiser for their High School Program will have priority over Junior High and Middle School Programs.

iii. The WSCCA will consider the following: Experience level of the Competition Director in this role, tradition of a qualifier at a certain location and tradition of a qualifier on a certain weekend. Additionally, the WSCCA Board in approving qualifiers considers ongoing review of competition cancellations, competing coaches, athletes, spectators and WSCJA feedback of the previous year’s event.  To be re-instated in 2020/2021, the competition director will again need to shadow a current competition director in 2019/2020.

iv. Each Competition Director and/or location is limited to hosting two competitions during one season (additional competitions at the same location permitted if the registration fees run through another program/organization).

v. WSCCA reserves the right to hold a Last Chance Qualifier two weekends before WIAA State, given the State Date is in February and allows the now required two-week period with no qualifier held.

4. New Competition Directors must complete a one-competition internship with a seasoned Competition Director assigned by the WSCCA. The internship includes working with seasoned Competition Director throughout the planning process and shadowing this individual at his or her own competition during setup, event, and clean up. Contact WSCCA President at to set up an internship opportunity.

5. Competition must have a minimum of 5 high school teams and 10 teams total in order to be a qualifying event. Failure to meet registration minimums by the Monday prior to the event will result in event cancellation.

6. The facility and the Competition Director be prepared to offer the following minimum requirements:

a. 9-panel regulation cheer floor with as the performance floor.

b. 7-panel minimum regulation cheer floor as the warm-up floor.


c. Mat floor tape between all panels of the regulation cheer floor in both the performance area and the warm up.


i. Please note, WSCCA would prefer to see a 9-panel floor with additional mats for stretching and tumbling/jumping/skill warm up across all qualifiers to keep the quality and consistency of the qualifiers the same.


d. Performance area and warm-up area sound systems intended to provide music for full out routines.


e. Seating quantity that allows acceptable competitor holding areas and performance area spectator seating.


f. Secure judges’ area with appropriate tables, chairs and paperwork for scoring – See WSCJA requirements.


g. Parking must be appropriate for the size of the competition or the facility will need to secure overflow parking at an appropriate, walkable location.


h. Athletic trainer/and or other emergency personnel the day of the event must be on site to assist with any injuries.


i. Awards are at the discretion of the Competition Director but see WIAA Bound for State Regulations as an appropriate example of award quantities based on event size.


j. Nutritional concessions in appropriate amounts that will sustain athlete, spectator and coach alike demand, which is especially necessary in remote locations.

7.  Upon WSCCA approval, you will be supplied with a link to request WSCJA officials to staff your event.



Failure to follow the above outlined process will disqualify the Competition Director from hosting during the next qualifying season.

Apply to Host a WIAA State Championship Qualifier Competition 


Applications Accepted:  July 26th - Aug 19th, 2019

Qualifiers Announced:  September 3rd, 2019


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